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LBeta is the innovation lab of LB insurance. LBeta was established in 2020 to help accelerate and design LB's strategy of making insurance redundant. The future is unknown and constantly changing. At LBeta we are not afraid to do things differently. With innovation at the center of all our work. Our purpose is not to predict, but to change and innovate with relentless execution.

LBeta strive with data and new technology to form a new culture with a courageous and innovative aim to reach our high ambitions. LBeta is committed to create a space of radically different products and services with a strong level of impact in favor of our members. 

Today LB is the third-largest insurance organization in Denmark operating through four brands; Lærerstandens Brandforsikring, Bauta Forsikring, Runa Forsikring and LB Forsikring til PFA. Our member-owned structure enables us to target the wellbeing and safety of our members and has helped create a unique culture across the organization. LB is a recurring winner of customer satisfaction awards and was acknowledged as the most trusted financial service organization in the world in a 2019 survey by Caliber and EACD.

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We believe that with the continued development of technology and use of data it will be possible to avoid and prevent accidents and misfortunes from happening, at a different scale from today. This development will continue to change our lives and fundamentally transform businesses. Insurance is one of them and instead of passively observing we want to be at the forefront and accelerate this change while having a positive impact on peoples’ lives and society. Together, we can make insurance as we know it today redundant.

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Sune Bille Larsen

Head of LBeta | LB Innovation Hub
Telefon: +45 22 21 02 22